Our Board

Our Board

The Education and Training Boards Act sets out that each Education and Training Board must have 21 board members (Section 30 of the Education and Training Boards Act 2013) and it sets the process for appointment of members of the Board (Section 31). It specifies that at the first meeting of the Board after each local Authority election, those members elected by the relevant local authorities and staff members must appoint 2 parent representatives. In turn those members must appoint 5 members from among the bodies specified by the Minister. (Section 31 of the Education and Training Boards  Act 2013).  

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Chairperson: Cllr. PJ O’Hanlon

Deputy Chairperson: Cllr. Clifford Kelly

Cllr. PJ O'Hanlon

Board Members

Board Members

Cllr Madeleine Argue

Ms April Anna Barker

Cllr Carmel Brady

Cllr Aidan Campbell

Cllr Colm Carthy

Cllr Sean Conlon

Ms Rosena Donagh

Cllr Brendan Fay

Mr Sean Fegan

Ms Michelle Flynn

Cllr Clifford Kelly

Mr Micheál Martin

Cllr David Maxwell

Mr Martin McBreen

Mr Joe McGrath

Cllr P J O’Hanlon

Cllr Sarah O’Reilly

Cllr Áine Smith

Cllr Patricia Walsh

Rory McMahon