The Journey Podcast

The Journey Podcast

The Journey Podcast
By Martin McGovern and Eddie Halligan

The idea for this podcast originated from a desire to get learners stories out there in an effort to support others wanting to get back into education or those intending to continue their education in Further Education and Training.

Sometimes when we hear someone else’s story about their experiences (both good and bad) we can relate to that and hopefully take inspiration from their journey.

As an adult guidance counsellor Martin McGovern meets people every day who maybe want to get into Further Education or Progress in Further Education but for many different reasons are reluctant. These reasons/barriers include, lack of confidence, bad experience in school, learning difficulties, family commitments, fear etc…

We can tell them that they will be fine and have nothing to worry about. However, listening to someone tell their story who they can relate to is a much more powerful voice. The raw, everyday realities for many people that sometimes we don’t think about. We would love for potential learners to listen to the different guests and say, “if they can do it, so can I”.

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