CMETB Launch podcast

CMETB launch new Podcast: Introducing “The Journey Podcast”: Inspiring Tales of Triumph in Further Education and Training

CMETB have launched a new podcast, “The Journey Podcast,” which aims to inspire and support individuals on their path to Further Education and Training (FET). The podcast delves into the personal stories of learners, shedding light on their triumphs, challenges, and the barriers they overcame to achieve success.

Hosted by CMETB Adult Guidance Counsellor, Martin McGovern and Cavan Institute Tutor, Eddie Halligan, the podcast offers a platform for guests to discuss their educational journey from its inception to their current life stage.

The idea for “The Journey Podcast” was born out of a desire to share real-life stories from learners that resonate with individuals contemplating a return to education or those looking to pursue further studies in FET.

Martin, with his experience as an adult guidance counsellor, encounters individuals daily who would like to participate in further education but are hindered by various barriers such as lack of confidence, past negative experiences, learning difficulties, family commitments, and fear. “The Journey Podcast” seeks to address these concerns by presenting relatable real-life stories that serve as a source of inspiration for potential learners.

The podcast features guests from various areas of the Further Education and Training sphere, including Adult Education, Cavan Institute and Monaghan Institute, Training, Apprenticeships, and Youthreach.

By leveraging Eddie’s experience in teaching at Cavan Institute and Martin’s guidance counselling expertise, the hosts take listeners on a lighthearted yet insightful journey through the guests’ educational experiences. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the highs and lows, fears, and triumphs that characterise each unique journey.

The Podcast was officially launched on Friday at Cavan Institute during CMETB Adult Learners Festival. Speaking on the Launch of the new Podcast, Martin said: ” With The Journey Podcast, our aim is to provide a powerful voice that goes beyond reassurances, allowing potential learners to connect with the personal narratives of our guests. By sharing the raw, everyday realities of their experiences, we hope to inspire others to say, ‘If they can do it, so can I.”

“The Journey Podcast” is set to become an invaluable resource for anyone considering further education and training, offering a relatable and encouraging perspective on the transformative power of education and lifelong learning.

Pictured above: L-R back row: Dr. Niall McVeigh (Director, Cavan Institute), Dr. Linda Pinkster (Director of FET, CMETB), Martin McGovern (Guidance Counsellor, CMETB), Eddie Halligan (Tutor, Cavan Institute), Dympna McCarron (Director of Quality Assurance, CMETB), Deirdre Byrne (Head of Adult Education, CMETB), Dr. Fiona McGrath (Chief Executive, CMETB).  Front row L-R: Learners and Podcast Guests: Bernadette Connolly, David Ballantine, Helen Doherty and Ryan McCabe.

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