Largy College pays tribute to Kiea McCann and Dlava Mohammed

 image of Kaia and Dlava

Largy College has paid tribute to students Dlava Mohammed and Kiea McCann.

Dlava Mohammed

Dlava was a student who would always have a warm smile and a gentle hello when she met you on the school corridor. Dlava’s determination shone through in everything she did. She was hard working and resilient. She had settled in so well to the Clones area and the Largy College community and was an integral part of our Third Year group.

Dlava was a very moral young girl who had a strong sense of right and wrong and the courage of her convictions to express these.

Dlava was a gorgeous soul who radiated goodness. She expressed such love and devotion to her beloved family. Dlava showed great loyalty and compassion to her circle of friends and was someone they could rely on as a true confidant.

Dlava would have been going into Transition Year in September and was looking forward with excitement to all that was involved in this.

The Largy College school community is devastated by the tragic realisation that we will never witness the incredible potential of the amazing young woman she was destined to become, given her kind spirit and abundance of promise. May she Rest in Peace.


Kiea McCann

Kiea was frequently described as simply a lovely student to teach. Throughout her years attending Largy College she was always pleasant and courteous to her teachers and fellow students.

Kiea was a friendly, kind and warm-hearted girl, who always demonstrated a willingness to support others. She was never afraid to give up her time to help her peers. This innate loyalty made her a very popular classmate.

Kiea was a hardworking student and always worked to the best of her ability. She had a caring nature and possessed a love for children Kiea held family in the highest regard; she was a deeply family-oriented girl, adored by everyone. Kiea was looking forward to embarking on third level studies in Childcare at Cavan Institute, having completed her work experience in a local creche.

The Largy College school community is heartbroken by the loss of Kiea, a lovely girl with immense potential and zest for life.  It is truly heartbreaking that she will never get to see her dreams come true. The sadness is profound and deeply felt. May she Rest in Peace.

Largy College will open a book of condolences for Kiea and Dlava on Friday 04 August at the school from 9am – 1pm.