Workforce Development-Training for Employers and Employees 

Workforce Development-Training for Employers and Employees 

Skills to Advance is a nationwide initiative for employees and employers, providing upskilling and reskilling opportunities that aim to equip employees with the skills to progress in their current job, or to take advantage of new job opportunities and adapt to a changing job market.  

Under the Skills to Advance Initiative, Cavan Monaghan Education and Training Board can offer targeted support for vulnerable groups in the workforce, particularly those with lower skill levels who need more opportunities to advance in their working lives.  Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board offers accredited training courses to employers across a variety of sectors to enhance and develop the skillset of employees.  We have supports available for small and medium-sized enterprises who may need some assistance to invest in and develop their workforce.  

Our Workforce Development Officer works with employers and enterprises to support them in ensuring their businesses can keep apace in an ever-changing environment.  Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board can provide access for employers to an existing suite of high-quality education opportunities through on-line learning, part-time and evening provision.  We can also work with companies to develop flexible bespoke and tailored training solutions for their individual needs.  

We can provide your workforce with training opportunities which:  

  • Are flexible to fit around business hours and work schedules.  
  • Develop skills relevant to your business needs.  
  • Respond to the changing nature of jobs and skills.  



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O = Online
E = Evening
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    To find out more about subsidised Skills to Advance training opportunities, contact Eileen Roddy 

    What our Students Say

    What our Students Say

    Eileen and CMETB have been excellent in working with Combilift and other local Companies to tailor this course to suit our needs. The quality and standard of this course has been fantastic. I found this course very beneficial in my role as Machine Shop Manager. This course greatly enhanced my knowledge of solidworksCombilift employees from various departments gained valuable insight into Solidworks which has improved our processes and efficiencies as a result of the learnings from this course. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their knowledge on Solidworks

    Jason McKenna, Combilift

    I have found both the Outlook and the Word courses most beneficial to me in my day to day work. The courses have forced me to move outside my “comfort zone” in the software I have been using for many years and learn many of the new features that are available within them.  While the courses are run over a tight timeframe, they are focused but with the on-line learning, it is possible to concentrate on the areas of most interest or need to yourself.  Somewhat challenging, very beneficial and most useful in my work. 

    Vincent McKenna

    Monaghan Institute have been absolutely fantastic for MDE Installations. We always reach out first to Eileen who has been instrumental in finding courses which match our business needs. The quality of courses are very high and we can not recommend the Institute highly enough for local businesses.  

    Donna Donnelly - Business Development Manager, MDE Installations

    I completed this ILM Certificate in 2020 online, via CMETB amidst the COVID pandemic.  I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who feels they require further knowledge/qualification in the area of Management and Leadership within any organisation.  I am a Qualified Accountant by Professional, but I was weak in leadership and team building skills and had just commenced a new role which required this skill set, so for me the timing was perfect!   

    Also, I had not studied in a long number of years, so the prospect of returning to studies was daunting!  However, the lecturers on this course, eased any doubt I had from the beginning, so don’t let that stop you! Each lecturer had a solid knowledge of their area, and delivered fantastic interactive classes, making the course interesting and helped also to grow professional network amongst students. 

    I believe this course has helped me to develop and build a solid foundation in my Management and Leadership role within the company.  Businesses and employees have suffered as a result of the global pandemic, change management and business continuity planning are core in business today, the ILM Certificate will assist you in this area.  I have no doubt that both myself and the Company have benefited greatly, leading to better communication and structure within the organisation.  

    Marie Kelly, JC Environmental

    Do you require assistance?

    Our guidance service is there to help you.

    Do you require assistance?

    Our guidance service is there to help you.